Designing our Future 2017-2026

Closed 26 Apr 2017

Opened 10 Apr 2017


Over the life of this strategy, our success as a university will be defined by the positive impact we have on the lives of our students and the many communities we interact with and serve.

Weaving together distinctively our values, our approach to addressing challenges and an unwavering focus on those areas where we can make the greatest impact, we will create a university that is equipped to resiliently support our students, the region and the wider communities we serve.

Built around three central themes, each with three groups of priorities, this high-level strategy articulates our vision, priorities and ambition for the next ten years. 

Underpinning this strategy will be an internally-focused three-year rolling operational plan, which will set out in greater detail the choices we need to make, and the actions we will undertake to deliver on our strategic aims.     

Inevitably there will be difficult choices to make. Delivery of this strategy will be challenging; it will require focus and determination to succeed.  We have retained from our past what we feel most proud of, while recognising that we must let go of other activities if we are to focus on new priorities and realise our full potential.  

I look forward to working with you in designing and shaping the future of our University.

Professor Iain Martin
Vice Chancellor

Download: Designing our Future, consultation document

What Happens Next

We welcome your feedback on the draft, which will be used to inform the final version that will be released on the 16th June – our 25th anniversary of being awarded university status.


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