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  • Designing our Future 2017-2026

    Over the life of this strategy, our success as a university will be defined by the positive impact we have on the lives of our students and the many communities we interact with and serve. Weaving together distinctively our values, our approach to addressing challenges and an unwavering... More
    Closed 5 months ago
  • Wayfinding on our campuses

    Anglia Ruskin have commissioned a study of internal and external directional signage across the university. The project is designed to reveal where there are navigational challenges for students, staff and visitors as they journey around campus and to present options for how these challenges may... More
    Closed 7 months ago
  • Designing our Future

    The power of a university stems from its ability to transform lives and communities through the interwoven threads of education, research & innovation, and engagement outside the university. For ARU to succeed and grow we need to define a strategy that will maximise our collective ability to do... More
    Closed 8 months ago
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